Overview & Benefits

Sirma Mobile’s Tiimz is the first Workforce Management Platform focused precisely on the managing field resources with multiple kinds of generic mobile devices – from low-end cheap mobile phones to comprehensive smart phones with extensive capabilities.

Tiimz offers extraordinary benefits to both small businesses with just a few travelling salesmen to corporations with multiple mobile groups of various roles, like logistics units, sales forces or maintenance groups.

Orchestrate Field Resources

Every organization’s effectiveness relies heavily on proper staff and resources management and planning to reduce overhead and ensure better completion performances. Having the right tools to distribute, manage and monitor (real-time and post-mortem advanced analysis) is a key factor to meet short- and long-term objectives – independently to the specifics of industry or business model.

Using the comprehensive set of tools implementing the best practices in workforce management, which is flexible enough to incorporate your organization’s specific innovative methodologies and processes is the advantage you need to bring your success even closer!

Reduce Operating Costs

Tiimz provides a sophisticated workforce management solution with customizable rules for automation in task distribution amongst allocated resources. The system also offers great variety of customization options and manual fine-tuning where decisions have to be made on-the-fly by authorized personnel.

Better resource distribution and reducing overhead by true real-time communication between all units impacts directly on decreasing operating costs on the long run.

Increase Productivity

Better coordination among different team members as well as improved real-time connectivity to their office coordinators leads inevitably to improved team work and overall productivity. Building strong team players and having perfect coordination among them would lead to higher customer satisfaction as well as to better employee engagement – two everlasting major factors for a successful business.