Tiimz has three major groups of features which relate to the three major dimensions of developing better productivity and collaboration:

Field Force Distribution

Resource management

Organizations can easily group and set roles of their employees in Tiimz in order to manage and distribute their assignments (jobs).

Shift management

Employees can additionally be assigned shifts and time slots when they can be assigned different jobs. In addition, automatic time card reports can be generated, which can be exported for external salary calculations.

Task prioritization

All jobs in Tiimz can be either prioritized or can be provided to the employee as a pool of tasks, which they can order and complete by themselves.

Location monitoring

All Tiimz mobile devices can be located geographically when needed in order to assure better coordination among different team members. Knowing in real-time where the different team members are is winning for everyone – managers can redistribute jobs on the fly geographically depending on teams’ current locations.

Orchestration – Dispatching Tasks & Assistance Requests

Coordinating tasks and resources properly is the key to increasing productivity and reducing operating costs. But having also location is the missing ingredient to achieve the perfect orchestration among all resources available.


Check-in/check-out with timesheets

With Tiimz you don’t need any external timecard solutions – the same mobile phone (or other device) can be used for everything. All necessary reporting and export options are available to post-process timesheets and calculate remuneration.
In addition to what’s already available as office solutions on the market, Tiimz can make sure a certain person have checked in or out of work in a specific location!

Real-time progress monitoring

Using Tiimz, managers and team members can monitor task statuses in real-time, which bring benefits on two major aspects:

Comprehensive reporting

No matter if Tiimz is used by a small sales office or by an enterprise, comprehensive reporting is a must for every task management solution. In addition to the predefined reports available, users are able to alter and generate more comprehensive reporting as needed. Automatic report delivery scheduling is also available.

Alerts by SMS/E-mail

Different kind of events might need urgent attention from a third party – no matter if it is a critical job status, a problem report, a request for additional resources and support or a regular message – those can be delivered either via e-mail or by SMS depending on the user preferred settings on different events.

An open solution

Tiimz is a comprehensive, but integration-friendly solution. Sirma Mobile understands the need of interaction with 3rd party systems, which are depended on the specific user’s business model – therefore multiple industry-standard SOAP API (Application Programming Interfaces) are available to integrate Tiimz to any other system needed – a local or hosted one.